Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A necessary mechanism for survival - me?

Skinny - the bad cat - has figured out how to be cuter than a newborn baby to entice me to refill his food bowl. All of the kittens think their bowls should remain full at all times of day. If by chance the bowl happens to stay empty over night, all three kittens pile up in the bed with the "big cats" (that's us) and lay on us in case we have forgotten to feed them. Feeding time is a booger around here. The turds manage to get under your feet and in your way as you are trying to get to the food area. Then they just end up getting the boot - literally.

I must say that I secretly enjoy all of the sweetness oozing from the Schmeldings around feeding time. It makes me feel appreciated, rather than a necessary mechanism for survival.

Schmelding = another name for kittens
Kitten Pile = kittens piled up in your bed leaving you only millimeters for sleeping

Friday, June 8, 2007

Update on previous entry

I am happy to report Stubby has a clean bill of health. We will alter her diet with old lady food and gastro-sensitive foods until we find one that works well for her. We also got some hairball remedy. With three Schmeldings, we have a lot of hairballs! I am nursing my bad nerves with a cocktail currently to soothe my soul from the rough vet visit. Stubby never goes anywhere, nor does she want to. She squawked the entire time. She was a very brave old bird though. She will get lots of bonkers tonight!

A Vet Visit for The Princess

We will be going to the vet today with Stubby. She's been vomiting a lot more than normal lately. She even vomits on the bed often. I have turned my mattress forty-two times! I know she's considered a "senior" at her age of 12 now. I'm hoping there will be some food alterations that will cure her unladylike behavior. I am requesting them to do some blood work on her to make sure everything is within normal limits. I'm preparing for the visit by drinking a glass of wine. Stubby does not even dare go out on the patio without freaking out. So, I'm certain I am in for a fun filled afternoon. Of course I will re post with the outcome.
Purrs and Kisses!

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