Friday, August 8, 2008

Catching up with Summer Events

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The kittens are doing great, I am happy to report. Stubby hops in my lap every night, before Skinny has a chance to. He's not too happy about that. Skinny is still spoiled and bratty. Bookie continues to be the best little snuggle butt in the house. Everyone is healthy. Harley has a nice home with his Daddy. They make a cute couple. Harley's Daddy has some personal dealings to sort out but I know things will soon turn up for them. Harley did recently have a flare up of his bladder infection. I was very proud that his owner took him to the vet.

We have done a lot of traveling this summer. We went to a small town in Ohio, where my hubby is from. His grandparents were celebrating their 50th anniversary. His cousin was also graduating from high school. We met his Mom, step-Dad, and little brother from California, their in Ohio. We had a great time!

Three weeks later, we traveled to Baltimore, MD for a surprise visit to Brian's other grandmother's house. The surprise was for his Mom and brother. This was my favorite trip! We went to Washington D.C. I can cross that off of my "Bucket List". We ate crab til our eyeballs popped out. It was like a scene from Forest Gump: Crab bisque, crab soup, crab balls, crab cakes, crab dip. We left the day that we were invited to a crab boil. I love crab and all, but we may have overdone it. We went to the Country Club of Maryland, that was a highlight for us! The food was great and it had a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures, we were very tired and very imbibed.

We went to DC on July 3rd. I haven't done that much walking - ever! We saw many of the Smithsonian Museums. They were preparing for the big event on the 4th at the Capitol. We shot off "fountain" fireworks at Granny Jane's house. I was a little disappointed that we couldn't even shoot off bottle rockets, but the fountain fireworks were beautiful and exciting!

This has been a very trying year for us. One of our friends was robbed and shot. I can't help to wonder if the increase in crime in our area is directly related to the declining economy. We've had too many other bad things to list or bother you with. We can only wish that things will get better. That statement is our current household motto. Here's hoping for a better rest of the year.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I miss Harley

We finally got Harley to his new home. I hear he is fitting in well with his new bachelor Daddy. I think they work well for each other. Harley definitely does not miss us as much as we miss him. I have some pictures I'll put up next time. He even has a kitty friend he yells back and forth to from the window. He got along well with Bill's mom's dog - pumpkin. He knew he would win in that fight. She doesn't visit very often, so that is not a problem Harley will be worried about. His new Mommy (Daddy) lets him snuggle up and sleep next to him. They've been good for each other.

Have a nice day!
The Pampered Kittens

Friday, March 21, 2008

This is Bookie - the fat guy. He thinks he's a puppy.

Here we have the new kitten Harley. He put himself in this bag.

This is Skinny, Momma's heart and the most spoiled in the house, maybe in the world.

This is the introduction of Harley into general population, he had been in administrative segregation. He and Skinny had to sort out the hierarchy of top cat with urinary problems.

Here's a few pics of Harley. We think he is very handsome. He thinks that as well.

Easter festivities and Kitten Updates

It seems I'm not the only one with an animal related blog. Many of us are in tuned and in love with our pets. The article I found on CNN describes how many of us are related to our pets and even speaking for them in today's world.

We've been busy lately with Mardi Gras. Here's a brief update. My Mardi Gras float caught on fire and I stated a cuss word in the local newspaper which was seen nationwide. I'm happy to report that we were all OK and continued our ride once the flames were doused. You can't take the drunkest redneck and interview them and expect to get an intelligent account of activities. We celebrated St. Paddy's day in New Orleans. We watched one of the kissing bandits studying one of our drunken crew members and get his leg ran over - and crushed. We acquired a fourth kitten - Harley. He apparently has a tee tee problem too. So, I've taken him to the vet and given him the appropriate meds and foods. He's a bad ass little cat now. I've even found him a home. He beats up our cats - he's just an adolescent but he has claws. We're having him a going away party today and tonight. I must say I'm a bit relieved to have him a home, as I'm tired of scooping so much poop. You know what I'm talking about. Everyone else is doing well.

Skinny is still chewing on his tail. I think he has a nervous problem, or when he gets upset or depressed. So far we have refused to put him on antidepressants. I just can't see pumping him up with those things. He's the love of my life, but he is a cat you know.

Stubby the old girl hasn't gotten used to the youngster Harley in the house. She spits and hisses every opportunity she has at him. He picks his battles wisely with regards to her. We allow him to rough up Bookie the fatty and Skinny is a butthole in his own right. They can handle themselves. But we draw the line with Stubby.

At any rate, we're all good and getting ready to celebrate Easter this weekend at our friend's Mom's house. The kittens will have "fake tuna" for their celebration. This is a treat the Harley has become accustomed to. I learned it was much easier to feed him the antibiotics mixed in with water and wet Purina Ur cat food. I'm a sneaky babe like that. We hope to try to start on a family this year. We'll keep you updated. I'm sure once that happens this blog will be history!

I will leave you with a few Easter facts:

Easter Facts
-The first Easter baskets were made to look like bird's nests.

-The traditional act of painting eggs is called Pysanka.

-The custom of giving eggs at Easter time has been traced back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans, to whom the egg was a symbol of life.

-In medieval times a festival of egg-throwing was held in church, during which the priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choir boys. It was then tossed from one choir boy to the next and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and retained the egg.

-Easter is now celebrated (in the words of the Book of Common Prayer) on the first Sunday after the full moon which happens on or after March 21, the Spring Equinox.

-Easter Bonnets are a throw back to the days when the people denied themselves the pleasure of wearing fine angels for the duration of Lent.

-Some Churches still keep up the old tradition of using evergreens - symbolic of eternal life - embroidered in red on white, or woven in straw, but most now prefer displays of flowers in the spring colours of green, yellow and white.

-Americans celebrate Easter with a large Easter egg hunt on the White House Lawn.
Every year at Easter Pope John Paul sends his " Urbi et Orbi " to the world.

-The date of Passover is variable as it is dependent on the phases of the moon, and thus Easter is also a movable feast.

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