Friday, July 6, 2007

Kittens on Vacation

You see, anytime we go on vacation, when we come home we always ask the kitties where have they been. We also inquire where "they" went on vacation. This turns the tables on them so that they can't be mad at us if they are the ones who actually left us. I figure if we confuse them long enough, they'll actually fall for it. Surprisingly, this never works, go figure! When we came home this time, the cats were "on the 5th" with us. They got better eventually, but that only lasted until we gave them their hairball treatments last night. Now, we're on their poop list. Even the pretty little princess was upset with the big cats. Until, of course, we went to bed. None of the schmelders can resist making a big cat pile with the big cats at night. Especially Stubby girl. She curls up right next to big daddy and doesn't move at all. You might think this sounds really neat, but it becomes exhausting for big d trying to remember not to squish or kick the girl every time he moves or gets out of bed. I have my own nighttime debacles. Skinny, the bad cat, sleeps directly on top of me every night. When I turn, he walks me like a log. Bookie likes to sneak in between us and curl up with his fluffy tail in my face. But, all in all everything works out just fine. We enjoy going on vacation, but we always miss our babies. That's the main reason we get home sick, well memory foam on our comfy bed makes us homesick too!

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Muddy said...

Sounds like you are being kept nice and warm. I know they are glad you are back, even if we cats pretend otherwise. It's fun to fool our pet humans.

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