Friday, August 8, 2008

Catching up with Summer Events

I've done some reconstruction to my Blog. I hope you like it. You too can get cute background for your blog at The Cutest Blog on the Block. They have a lot of free options available or you can pay them to do it for you. The have a great explanation on how to do many great things. So don't suffer from a boring blog, head over to see the girls at cutest blog on the block.

The kittens are doing great, I am happy to report. Stubby hops in my lap every night, before Skinny has a chance to. He's not too happy about that. Skinny is still spoiled and bratty. Bookie continues to be the best little snuggle butt in the house. Everyone is healthy. Harley has a nice home with his Daddy. They make a cute couple. Harley's Daddy has some personal dealings to sort out but I know things will soon turn up for them. Harley did recently have a flare up of his bladder infection. I was very proud that his owner took him to the vet.

We have done a lot of traveling this summer. We went to a small town in Ohio, where my hubby is from. His grandparents were celebrating their 50th anniversary. His cousin was also graduating from high school. We met his Mom, step-Dad, and little brother from California, their in Ohio. We had a great time!

Three weeks later, we traveled to Baltimore, MD for a surprise visit to Brian's other grandmother's house. The surprise was for his Mom and brother. This was my favorite trip! We went to Washington D.C. I can cross that off of my "Bucket List". We ate crab til our eyeballs popped out. It was like a scene from Forest Gump: Crab bisque, crab soup, crab balls, crab cakes, crab dip. We left the day that we were invited to a crab boil. I love crab and all, but we may have overdone it. We went to the Country Club of Maryland, that was a highlight for us! The food was great and it had a wonderful atmosphere. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures, we were very tired and very imbibed.

We went to DC on July 3rd. I haven't done that much walking - ever! We saw many of the Smithsonian Museums. They were preparing for the big event on the 4th at the Capitol. We shot off "fountain" fireworks at Granny Jane's house. I was a little disappointed that we couldn't even shoot off bottle rockets, but the fountain fireworks were beautiful and exciting!

This has been a very trying year for us. One of our friends was robbed and shot. I can't help to wonder if the increase in crime in our area is directly related to the declining economy. We've had too many other bad things to list or bother you with. We can only wish that things will get better. That statement is our current household motto. Here's hoping for a better rest of the year.


Anonymous said...

i love cats can i have one?

Anonymous said...

how cute i want one iv got 2 at home that some what hate me but love me at the same time aand i posted the first coment i think one of mine likes to kill people just kiding but who knows it might

Anonymous said...

i like talking on the computer its fun

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