Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Vet visits are stressful for everyone!

I decided to take Skinny, the bad cat, to the vet last Friday. It has been 2 years since his perineal urethrostomy. We haven't been back for a struvite crystal test. We should go about once a year to make sure the very expensive and special cat food we eat is increasing the acidity of the urine and pH as well, enough to fight the formation of the crystals. But, with inside cats, taking them anywhere is a stressful adventure. I try telling them we are going on a field trip when we must evacuate for hurricanes. Somehow they just don't buy it. We received good news from the vet who had to use an ultrasound to locate Skinny's bladder to draw off urine. I realized at that point we were in for a much more invasive visit than either of us anticipated! Skinny also received some injections to update his vaccines. He didn't have any signs of crystals - yeah! Our only option if the food didn't fight it well enough would be to give him medicine, which neither of us would enjoy.

Once we got home safely, and with beer in hand, Skinny got "tuna", which is his struvite food in a wet formula from a can. Momma cat had beer, Skinny and the others got "tuna"! After 2 years you'd think they would forget the sound of you opening the certain drawer that the can opener is located in and opening a can of anything. Skinny never ever forgets any of those familiar sounds. He perks up and meows like crazy. Making tuna salad is out of the question. He will not let you eat it in peace. There's just no way to eat it without feeling very guilty. Just like Stubby never ignores the pouring of milk over cereal - the daddy cat gave her milk one time several years ago - we now have beggars forever! But, they are awesome and wonderful cats that each have their own way of working their way into your heart. I also wouldn't let the daddy cat hold Skinny too much - which Skinny enjoyed thoroughly, due to the possible soreness he may have encountered from any of the injections. I did tell you that Skinny only like the momma cat and whomever happens to be feeding him, briefly.

I assure you we did not pose these cats in this position. This is a natural state for these two brothers. It never gets old, we crack up laughing and make fun of them every time we see them in this compromising position!!

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